Consulting services for the implementation of "lean production" in enterprises. Personnel training

We've been constructing lean production in our company for 10 years, but only now we decided to provide consulting services in this area. We believe, that it is possible only after passing the whole way of creating the system from its beginning (studying theory, terms, notions, team-building) to implementation mechanisms, either simple (5S, kanban, andon, etc.) or complex (company's philosophy, pull system, kaizen - continuous development). You can learn all the terms, but won't teach anyone anything till you complete the whole way and visit GEMBA.
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LEAN philosophy

The concept of production ( TPS - Toyota Production System) aimed at the continuous elimination of losses and improving the quality of the product and, consequently, increasing productivity.

Kaizen — continuous improvement — is the main tool and the underlying philosophy of TPS. It implies not only the improvement of the production system or equipment in particular to eliminate losses, but also the improvement and development of employees.

The main objective of lean production concept is a constant elimination of all types of losses, i.e. those actions that consume resources, but do not create value. Within the system, all actions are divided into either bringing or not bringing the final value of the product to the consumer. Thus, the purpose of LEAN in EnCata is to build production in such a way that there will be no any stop time and downtime during the process.

LEAN tools
the tool is to control the flow and production of products in the "pull" approach of Toyota
the fastest and most effective way to convey information
a device that allows you to identify a problem and the cause of its occurrence
the tool of workplace organization and rationalization (sorting, observance of the order, the maintenance in purity, standardization, improvement)

LEAN in EnCata

EnCata is an international engineering company with a design office and R&d Department. We help startups and develop, design and manufacture prototypes for SMEs.

The company implements lean production. The reference point of the concept is the value of the created product for the consumer as it is them, who will use these products.

The tools we use in lean manufacturing are: the 5S Board, the Andon system, the "5 why" strategy that identifies and solves problems.


MakeIT.center is an automated prototyping platform with all necessary equipment.
Here you can rent equipment, construct a prototype and produce any project from the door handle to the drone.

The basis of its activity is the philosophy and principles of lean production. Acting in accordance with the rules, a startup in many times increases chances of its successful implementation.

To solve the problem means:
- ability to notice them without fear of being punished;
- the ability to use different methods of analysis to see the causes of a problem, and the ability to maneuver them;
- coalescence of employees and managers to solve the problems.
Corporate training
We offer:
Introduction to LEAN
~3 hours
Design office (kanban board, visualization, work distribution, 5S)
Production department (examples of implementation of such Lean instruments as kanban, andon, work-sites arrangement - 5S, methods and variants of applying visualization)
Class at MakeIT.center: history about LEAN, founders, terminology, alternative approaches
Excursion around MakeIT.center (examples, questions)
Sightseeing tour
Design office
Production department
Assessment of a client's production current state. Advice on LEAN, recommendations for improvement
Definition of the objectives and work plans (flow map created values, the study of engineering-processes, spaghetti chart, etc.)
Identification of the main types of losses
Implementation of LEAN tools
Map the current state
~6 hours
~3-4 hours
from 8 hours
Executive training
Introduction to LEAN: General terms, objectives, principles, mechanisms
Practice at work: work on the sites as a part-time worker / immersion in the company's philosophy
Work with literature
Departure to the enterprise of the trainee.
Setting goals within training to obtain the skills of TPS implementation and execution
~160 hours
Introduction to LEAN
Implementation at the enterprise
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